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Massage for Babies and Children

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Just as it is for adults, massage therapy can be very beneficial therapy for infants and children and has been shown to boost their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.

The medical profession already knows about the benefits- for example, Russian doctors routinely teach new moms how to massage their babies. They believe it enhances the development of their central nervous system.

Giving and receiving a massage can be very relaxing for a child and a parent. Plus, a massage could help soothe a crying baby with colic, teething and sleeping problems.

Massage also helps a child to bond naturally by enhancing the natural connections between them, while the little one gets a feeling of security and feeling loved.

Remember the two golden rules when performing massage on your baby!

1. Massage Towards Their Hearts- the best way to massage and boost circulation and general health is to always exert slightly more pressure on the way up the body than on the way down. Email me for video examples Subject- Infant massage video request.

2. Use good quality carrier oils. Don't use baby oil, it is not designed for massage at all and can cause rashes. Use a good quality carrier oil, preferably organic for babies, best picked up from a health store. There is no need to use essential oils in baby massage, in fact it's best not to. The only time using essential oils is recommended on a very young child is if it has been professionally blended by a therapist.

Other benefits of massage therapy for children include:

Improved motor skills and cognitive development. A study by the University of Miami showed that massage even helped to boost motor function in children with Downs' Syndrome.

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